Long-Term Care Nurses\' Experience with Patient Safety Incident Management: A Qualitative Study

Long-Term Care Nurses' Experience with Patient Safety Incident Management: A Qualitative Study

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    Nicole, the video really enhanced the experience of exploring this work! Thanks for putting it together. The poster is nicely organized and flows really well. The topics explored are so important to fundamental patient safety work within organizations. Like the authors, I too would be interested in how the specific setting affects the emerging themes as well as the specific strategies organizations can take to foster greater psychological safety. This poster also made me reflect on the link between reporting and improvement cultures. Great work!

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    Allison Brown 25 June 2021

    Great poster and presentation Nicole. I see Marie has already commented on how nicely designed your poster is and want to echo that compliment. I appreciate you operationalizing some of the core constructs that informed the research. We know psychological safety has huge implications for patient safety and outcomes and is, as you mentioned, significantly shaped by leadership. Did your interviews explicitly explore how participants perceived their own psychological safety for reporting or did it come up naturally at all?

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