About CQuIPS

About CQuIPS

The Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (CQuIPS) is a joint partnership between the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine and three of its major teaching hospitals: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; the Hospital for Sick Children (‘SickKids’); and Women’s College Hospital. CQuIPS is considered by the University as an extra-departmental unit (‘EDU’), defined as a flexible, multidisciplinary entity organized around emerging areas of research and teaching that span traditional disciplines.


Over its more than ten-year history, CQuIPS has established itself as a leading educational institution, training hundreds of health professionals in quality improvement and patient safety best practices. Our programs include:


CQuIPS staff and core members have led a variety of impactful research programs, producing papers and obtaining grants in greater numbers than any comparable Canadian centre and on par with prominent international centres.

Organizational QI development

CQuIPS also works with healthcare organizations, including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centres and ambulatory care clinics, to deliver QI training in an engaging and contextually relevant format to groups of clinical and non-clinical staff, with the aim of developing organizational capacity to successfully implement QI solutions.

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