Managing mattress quality @ Sunnybrook: A pilot project

Managing mattress quality @ Sunnybrook: A pilot project

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    Marie Pinard 31 May 2022

    This is great work! It serves to highlight the importance of something considered as "basic" as a mattress and illustrates the significant impact on quality and safety. The poster was nicely organized and presented the information well. The photos were enlightening. How many mattresses were assessed at Sunnybrook and how many needed some sort of repair? I am sure many organizations would also be interested in the details of any assessment and maintenance program implemented as a result. It might serve to answer the age old question as to what's the best approach - centralized management, area-specific, or a hybrid? It's not uncommon for such projects to be relegated to a lower priority because they are not "cool" and coordinating the folks involved is challenging. But I see from the poster that there's was a large interprofessional group involved. How did you get the buy-in to undertake such a endeavour during these very busy times?

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