Ensuring Patients Have Timely Access to Information About Their Care

Ensuring Patients Have Timely Access to Information About Their Care

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    Even though I was involved in this work, it was wonderful to hear the guided video tour. What an engaging way to walk through the key aspects of this work! The impact of the pandemic illustrated in the data is quite striking. Ensuring that the patient experience is optimized is such an important aspect of health digitization. Thank for your acknowledging the contributions of WCH Experience Advisors.

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    Allison Brown 22 June 2021

    Very cool and interactive video summary - nicely done! I really appreciate your teams engagement with patients as key end users of the intervention to better understand their needs. It's really interesting to see how user activation and engagement increased after the pandemic hit - what you mention is a bit of a "cultural shift" for patients and providers. In terms of next steps in optimizing the design of myHR - and this may be outside the scope of our typical QI methods toolbox - are there any plans to engage with user-experience ("UX") designers or those who work in service design?

  • NelyAmaral 24 June 2021

    Very important work! COVID-19 has certainly taught us to seek alternate processes to maintain a connection with our patients and essential care partners. I'm sure despite COVID-19, your change ideas would have moved the dial regardless. I imagine many of the online visits will continue for quite some time. It's good to keep an eye on this and seek feedback from your advisors on how you can continue to promote and encourage registration and use of the tool. Nice poster. Clear and easy to read and follow. Well done.

  • natasha K gakhal 25 June 2021

    Great video! Even though this project started prior to the pandemic I think the uptake with the pandemic is important information to think about- with more resources from the hospital and with more reason for patients to sign up ( for video visits) enrollment went up. One of the most frequent comments were around usability and layout- I agree with Allison- may consider designers to improve this- does not need to be necessarily from healthcare either. also even with the pandemic helping activation you have plateaued at 70%- do you have any data on the 30% who have not enrolled? in "important features" you list " health summary" and "plan of care"- what are users looking for that is different between these 2 areas?

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