Using safety reports to drive system-level improvement

Using safety reports to drive system-level improvement

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    Marie Pinard 31 May 2022

    Great work Sunnybrook team! As someone who manages an organizational safety event reporting system, I found this work very interesting and relevant. I loved the video - it was so creative and engaging. It's widely known that addressing the big "themes" or contributing factors at the organizational level is much more impactful in terms of harm prevention. However, these are typically quite challenging issues to address. Now that your team has started this journey, can you provide an example of a potential organizational strategy to address such a theme? I completely agree, partnering with other organizations can strengthen this work. I am so looking forward to learning more.

  • Joanne Goldman 01 June 2022

    Great video! I'm curious about your finding that utilization of the data varied by teams capability and capacity to interact with the data. Does this have implications for team training?

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