Charting the ‘new normal’ in Canadian community pharmacy practice: Scoping review

Charting the ‘new normal’ in Canadian community pharmacy practice: Scoping review

  • Joanne Goldman 24 May 2022

    Hello, thank you for sharing this interesting work on community pharmacy practice during the COVID-19 pandemic with attention to implications following the pandemic. I'm wondering if you can share further details about how you conceptualized 'safety' in relation to the review question - " keep community pharmacies safe in Canada during the pandemic..."? Can you also share more details or your reflections regarding the types of data/findings found in the electronic databases versus the grey literature? What are the implications for having identified 5 studies in the databases and 449 items in the grey literature?

  • Laura Pozzobon 26 May 2022

    Thank you, Joanne, for your question. In this review, “safety” was defined broadly. This research question was actually brought to the research team by community pharmacists who identified that with the rapid changes in policy / guidelines / practice during the pandemic, there was likely potential risk to client/worker safety. In regards to the data/findings, the grey literature primarily consisted of policies/procedures/guidance developed by regulatory bodies, government bodies, professional organizations and retail pharmacy corporations. The primary studies included were comprised of qualitative studies, commentaries and a systematic review. The full scoping review is available here: Many thanks, Laura & Kim

  • Joanne Goldman 30 May 2022

    Thank you Laura and Kim for your response and for the link to the full scoping review!

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