Using \"CBR\" to improve CPR: Development of Code Blue Rounds to Improve Resident Physicians\' Response to Code Blue

Using "CBR" to improve CPR: Development of Code Blue Rounds to Improve Resident Physicians' Response to Code Blue

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    Allison Brown 22 June 2021

    Nice work Billy! This definitely caught my attention seeing it links education with quality improvement. I feel like we don't do that enough in MedEd, but the code blue rounds seem like a cool way for people to start seeing and understanding systems issues in a clinically meaningful way and identify solutions that can be tested out and implemented. Have you found that residents who attend become interested in getting involved in any applied QI initiatives that follow from the discussions thus far? Although I know it's often super challenging for medical residents given they have such limited time to engage in things like research and QI.

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    This is great work! What a great way to direct QI efforts to Code Blue response. I am sure this is more likely to happen by designing the process to be interdisciplinary at the outset. I hope there are plans to continue to track whether changes and refinements continue to emanate from this process. Congratulations to all.

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    Adina Weinerman 20 July 2021

    Great work Billy! Congratulations. These seem like important rounds that create a safe space for residents to learn and share their experiences, and trust that tangible changes will occur as a result. I wonder how a similar focus could be (or has been) applied to the sim lab around code blue simulations?

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