Reducing Unnecessary Bloodwork in the Emergency Department

Reducing Unnecessary Bloodwork in the Emergency Department

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    This poster nicely tells the story of a successful QI stewardship project. The visuals used throughout enhance understanding. I found the graphics used to describe the interventions particularly effective. The annotated run charts are clear and illustrative. Could other factors (such as the pandemic) have influenced some of the measures such as LOS? From the authors list, it appears that the team is multi-disciplinary. Great work everyone. I can't wait to see the next poster about spread and scale of this "ED roadmap" for reducing unnecessary blood tests.

  • NelyAmaral 24 June 2021

    Great collaboration Sinai team! Your methods to review your data and potential opportunities for improvement was well thought out. Poster is clear and easy to read. Nicely done.

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