‘Work-As-Experienced’ and the significance of Relational Safety: Learning from patient experiences of QI implementation

‘Work-As-Experienced’ and the significance of Relational Safety: Learning from patient experiences of QI implementation

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    Brenda, this is really interesting work! Thank you for sharing it and for including the video. Having a particular interest in QI ethics, I see so many intersections with your work and key QI concepts such as authentic PDSA, the importance of context, stakeholder engagement, and the psychology of change. One key takeaway for me was to expand our thinking of the ethical considerations when designing and executing QI projects. For example, greater consideration for how uncertainty associated with PDSA cycles may impact many different groups of participants and what safeguards/mitigation strategies can be put into place - such as building additional opportunities for interaction in order to build trust and relational safety. We often speak of WAI vs. WAD during the diagnostic phase of QI (e.g. when constructing a current state process map), however these concepts, along with WAE, can and should be extend to implementation.

  • Joanne Goldman 02 July 2021

    Hi Brenda! So nice to see your work presented at CQuIPS+. As Marie noted, such interesting work! It would be great to hear more details about the gaps between healthcare professionals' perceptions of QI projects and how the QI initiatives were experienced by patients and families. I appreciate it might require a conversation beyond comment texts, but curious about your data about patients and families' awareness and understandings of QI PDSA cycles occurring in the context of their care?

Brenda Sawatzky-Girling

Hi there :) My overall aim is to contribute a values-added perspective to health care improvement via policy, research and practice. My roles include health care consultant, research ethics board member, researcher, family member, sometimes patient, and citizen. My work involves facilitating collaboration between stakeholders in the health, research and education sectors.

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