Mitigating Post Traumatic Stress Injury in Healthcare Workers (HCW) During COVID-19

Mitigating Post Traumatic Stress Injury in Healthcare Workers (HCW) During COVID-19

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    What a timely and relevant initiative! Wellness is such a prevalent problem that has far reaching consequences in the healthcare system. I really like that this poster addresses scalability and spread in the next steps as that seems to be the "secret sauce" we've all been seeking. Are there any insights as to which unit features affected uptake? Does the data suggest that this could be applied to virtual teams? What an exciting future this work has. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beth Gamulka 23 June 2021

    Rosalie et al: This is a really interesting feasibility study of a Wellness support program at a time when it was really needed. It would be really interesting to monitor its sustainability and identify which aspects of the program promote its use especially after the HCW's first exposure.

Rosalie Steinberg

Dr. Steinberg is currently a Staff Psychiatrist in the Mood and Anxiety Program at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and a Psychiatric Consultant at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. She also works as a consult liaison psychiatrist at St. John’s Rehab (part of SHSC) where she specializes in medical psychiatry and collaborative care. She is the co-director of Quality Improvement for the Department of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook and is appointed as an Assistant Professor and Clinician, Quality Improvement at the University of Toronto. She is in engaged in several quality improvement initiatives focused on improving health systems, suicide prevention and hospital-community collaboration. Dr. Steinberg is a graduate of McMaster Medical School and completed her Psychiatry Residency training at the University of Toronto in 2017. She received her BA from Columbia University and a Master of Science (MSc) in Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to her residency training, she held several senior administrative leadership positions at the Cambridge Hospital in Boston (Harvard affiliated), CAMH and Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto (U of T affiliated). She has contributed to resident teaching in health care management, leadership, quality improvement, and integrated mental health care.  She currently supervises residents in the areas of collaborative care, mood disorders, CL psychiatry, group therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT).  She is also the residency psychotherapy coordinator at Sunnybrook. Dr. Steinberg has received grant funding to develop innovative service delivery models focused on reducing ER utilization and has co-authored a number of publications on topics such as suicide prevention, collaborative care training competencies, psychological outcomes of healthcare workers post-SARS, and cultural competency.

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