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Minna Johansson

Minna Johansson

Sustainable Healthcare – advancing care without overwhelming the capacity of people, economies, and the planet

Date and time

Tuesday March 19, 2024  (12-1 p.m. ET)

Session Description: 

The way we currently practice medicine is unsustainable for patients, clinicians, health systems, societies and the planet. I will discuss how this leads to ineffective and unequal care, and what we can do about it. The Time Needed to Treat (TNT) concept will be introduced – aiming to facilitate a consideration of clinician time as a finite resource that needs to be carefully prioritized. 

Speaker biography: 

Minna is a general practitioner working clinically at a healthcare centre in Uddevalla, a small town on the Swedish west coast. I am a researcher at Cochrane Sweden and Gothenburg University and I am leading an international research network – the Global Center for Sustainable Healthcare – focused on finding novel ways to make healthcare more sustainable for patients, clinicians, health systems, societies, and for our planet. I feel just as passionate about my clinical work as I do about my research – my goal is to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare through research inspired by the problems me and my patients face in clinical practice.  

Minna Johansson

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