Minna Johansson

Minna Johansson

Sustainable Healthcare – advancing care without overwhelming the capacity of people, economies, and the planet

Date and time

Tuesday March 19, 2024  (12-1 p.m. ET)

Session Description: 

The way we currently practice medicine is unsustainable for patients, clinicians, health systems, societies and the planet. I will discuss how this leads to ineffective and unequal care, and what we can do about it. The Time Needed to Treat (TNT) concept will be introduced – aiming to facilitate a consideration of clinician time as a finite resource that needs to be carefully prioritized.

Speaker biography: 

Minna is a general practitioner working clinically at a healthcare centre in Uddevalla, a small town on the Swedish west coast. She is a researcher at Cochrane Sweden and Gothenburg University and is  leading an international research network – the Global Center for Sustainable Healthcare – focused on finding novel ways to make healthcare more sustainable for patients, clinicians, health systems, societies, and for our planet. Minna feels just as passionate about her clinical work as she does about her research. “My goal is to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare through research inspired by the problems me and my patients face in clinical practice.”

Minna Johansson

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