Hope by CAMH: An app-based approach to Suicide Safety Planning

Hope by CAMH: An app-based approach to Suicide Safety Planning

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    Marie Pinard 22 June 2021

    What an important and interesting QI project. The background was highly effective in laying out the foundation for why the intervention was selected and designed within a digital platform. Do we know which pages were viewed the most? Future PDSA cycles to explore reasons for engaging or not engaging with the app, as well as which features patients found the most useful will be of interest to many who work with populations at risk for suicide. Hopefully this work can continue in a post pandemic world. Thanks for sharing the work so far!

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    Patricia Trbovich 29 June 2021

    Great to see work being addressing this understudied yet critically important topic of suicide prevention. Results highlight the importance of ensuring a coordinated effort to raise awareness of interventions. I look forward to hearing more about what aspects of the app are used most often and how this helps inform future interventions.

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